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Протокол итогов заседания
Протокол итогов заседания комиссии ТОО «Бурабай даму» по предоставлению в аренду мест для торговых точек и автостоянки
Конкурсная документация
Конкурсная документация
On the territory of the B
On the territory of the Burabay resort there are places for picnics without a campfire


The Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan represented by the subordinate enterprise "Burabay Damu" LLP invites potential investors and operators to cooperate.



Limited Liability Partnership "Burabay Damu" (hereinafter – the Partnership) was established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan "3" on March 2015 No. 105, and the main activities are defined and operation of the facilities Management Department of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the territory of the Shchuchinsk–Burabay resort area. Burabay Damu LLP is the only tourist organization in the Shchuchinsk-Burabay resort area, which manages such objects of special significance for the region of tourist and socio-cultural purposes as a Visit-center, an exhibition complex in the glade of Abylay Khan, a family entertainment park "BurabayLand", pedestrian and bicycle paths in the coastal zone of the lake Shchuchye and lake Burabay with rental points. These objects are located on the specially protected natural territory of the State National Natural Park "Burabay". On June 3, 2015, the Partnership was granted a state license to carry out tour operator activities.


Maria, 35 years old
Omsk, Russia

I was in Borovoye for the first time. And the first thing I saw was the nature museum. A wonderful place, interesting exhibits and friendly staff. Thank you very much for a wonderful holiday! I advise everyone to visit here!

Almagul, 25 years old
Kazakhstan, Kostanay

Thanks! Very beautiful and interesting! Further prosperity of this organization!

Zhanbolat, 45 years old
Kazakhstan, Atameken

During the summer vacation, we had the opportunity to visit the Borovoye Zoo. I visited it with friends a couple of years ago, but this time I was happy to visit it with my family. I was pleasantly surprised that after the reconstruction it became more interesting and more beautiful. And I also liked that the petting zoo was moved inside, and for 1000 tenge you can visit everything at once. For us, residents of a small village, who sometimes come to a mobile zoo on wheels with exhausted animals, it was just a holiday full of positive emotions and delight. Thank you very much for this!

Serik, 21 years old
Kazakhstan, Astana

A wonderful museum-exposition allows you to feel yourself in a real forest, get in touch with nature, and the guide told us a lot of interesting facts! I wish the museum further development and prosperity!

Kristina, 28 years old
Russia, Tyumen

Today, my friend and I visited this wonderful museum. Otherwise, it can not be called wonderful, because it is relatively small in area, it immerses you in the atmosphere of the Borovoye forest. We listened to an interesting first-person tour. The information presented is so exciting that we listened to without being distracted. I advise everyone to take it with a tour! Independently-you just look at the exhibits, and on the tour you will learn information about each of them. So we will definitely come again!

Gulmira, 56 years old
Kazakhstan, Pavlodar

I advise everyone to visit the wonderful Nature Museum in Borovoye! Thank you for the professional work of the museum staff, for interesting and instructive stories about animals. We had such a wonderful tour! It was very interesting, we learned a lot of new things. In this museum, all the exhibits are selected correctly. Interesting installations are shown in the halls, everything looks as if you were in real forests and steppes! All of us listened to the guide with pleasure, no one made any noise and was not distracted. After all, the main thing is to interest the visitor! I will definitely go to this museum many more times, as the impressions were just wonderful!