In the North of Kazakhstan, in one of the most beautiful places on our planet, on the territory of the Aqmola region, there is a “State national natural park Burabay", organized in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 12, 2000.

Burabay is widely known as a geographical point with an original, rarely found on earth nature. The surface of the Burabay tract is a low mountain country, which is part of the Kazakh small-grasslands.

The economic development of Burabay and the increase in its population at the end of the 19th century inevitably led to increased exploitation of natural resources. By this time, this territory has already established a reputation as a holiday resort area. All this in General prompted to address the issues of limiting the use of natural resources of the Burabay resort area. There was a need to put the forests in order and improve the communication routes. The first step towards this should be considered the formation of the State Forestry Department in Burabay in 1898.

Over the centuries, the institution has undergone various transformations: in 1920, Burabay was nationalized and recognized as a resort of national significance. In 1935, was organized the "Borovoye state reserve"; in 1951, the reserve was liquidated and the Borovskoe forestry enterprise was formed instead. In 1997, Borovskoe forestry was transformed into the state Institution "Burabay nature-improving forest complex". In 2000, the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan established the state Institution "State national natural park Burabay". By the decree of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2010, the territory of the national park was expanded by joining the lands of The Government Department of Forestry "Bulandinskiy". Currently, the total area of the national park is 129,299 hectares.

The national park is an environmental state institution that is part of the system of specially protected natural territories of national significance and is under the authority of the office of The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main tasks of the Burabay national park are:

- preserving the integrity of ecosystems, reference and unique natural complexes and objects, historical, cultural and other objects of historical heritage, as well as their study;

- restoration of damaged natural and historical-cultural complexes and objects.

Since the national park is part of the system of specially protected natural territories, the concept of regime is introduced on its territory. Depending on the protection regime and the purpose of using natural resources, functional zoning is carried out.

Within the protected areas of the national park, any economic activity or recreational use is prohibited, and a regime corresponding to the regime of reserves is in effect.

An important element of the protection of natural complexes of the national park, land and water areas are protected zones with a limited mode of nature use.