For lovers of cultural pastime and those who want to get acquainted with the history and features of this corner of Kazakhstan, Burabay offers a visit to museums. This is, of course, the Museum of Burabay resort, which will tell its visitors about the main attractions of Burabay nature, local flora and fauna. There is also a Museum dedicated to Khan Abylay, which also houses an interesting library and displays many valuable exhibits. You can also visit the local history Museum.

Burabay resort attracts tourists with its healthy climate and picturesque landscapes. The fans of educational recreation will also not be disappointed, they are invited to visit local museums. There are expositions dedicated to the history and nature of the South-East of Kazakhstan.

Museum of nature.

In the new modern building "Museum of nature" visitors can get extensive information about the fauna and flora of the national park, measures taken to protect nature and information about animals listed in the Red book of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Museum brings people closer to nature and its protection, while being an irreplaceable Bank of information that generalizes knowledge, accumulates scientific materials and preserves them.

On the first floor there is a map of the Burabay resort area, the map of the state national natural park "Burabay" and boutique with souvenirs.

On the second floor there is a hall of Mineralogy and paleontology, a hall of coniferous forests, wetlands, deciduous forests and steppes.

On the third floor there is a hall of Ethnography, history and research of the region. There is also a corner of Academicians who lived and worked in Burabay during the second world war.

On the territory of the "Museum of nature" organized zoo, where spacious aviaries, close to natural conditions, found their shelter forest inhabitants: deer, roe deer, marmots, badgers, swans, ducks, as well as predators such as bears, wolves, foxes and many others.

Tourists are invited to walk around the vast territory. On the territory of the zoo there is a small "garden of lovers", a quiet and nice place. The territory of the garden is small, in the center there is a large artificial wish tree, on which you can tie ribbons. Several trees with artificial flowers in the photos are very beautiful. Garden of lovers on the territory zoo of the Burabay resort, a good place has been created, with another opportunity for the fulfillment of dreams.

There you can make a wish and take great photos...

Museum of Abylay Khan.

The Abylay Khan’s Museum is located in the most picturesque corner of the Burabay resort, in the glade of Abylay Khan.

The history of this area is associated with the names of Abylay Khan. The Museum hosts exhibitions dedicated to these outstanding personalities and historical events related to past centuries. The institution has an extensive library. The Museum has valuable exhibits that can be appreciated by guests of the resort.