Without the past, there is no future. Of course, this installation is a new way to get acquainted with the historical and cultural identity of our people and is a modern approach to the performance of the work itself.

Its main meaning is immersion in the nature and culture of the Kazakh people. The panoramic artistic and sculptural composition is a unique work and presents two storylines.

The first plans can be seen more clearly at a close distance, where you can see graphic three-dimensional images that symbolize the life, historical and cultural heritage of the Kazakh people: national hunting with the help of the Golden eagle, such national games of the Kazakh people as "Kokpar", "Kyz kuu" and "Mergen".

In the background at a distance in front of your eyes, there is silhouettes, collective images of the seven "warriors".

"Batyrs" these are seven related faces of batyrs who represent maturation, courage, bravery, boldness, strength, justice, audacity, and determination of the spiritual basis of the Kazakh people as edification and testament to modern society.

The faces of batyrs can only be seen from one point at a distance of 35 meters at a time, because the silhouettes are divided into parts and it is not possible to see them separately. this is the main idea of the unity of the people and this is the advantage of this composition.