Now the fairy tale will become a reality and will be available to everyone.

Every day, from December 15, there will be a trip to Santa on the new year's Express, which is decorated in a new year's theme, and also in the car, there is a letterbox "Santa's Mail", and new year's music plays.

Thanks to this express train, people, in such a difficult period for many, will have a new year's mood and real emotions. Especially in children. We conveyed the atmosphere of wonder, celebration, and magic. After all, everyone is looking forward to the New year. Festive atmosphere reigns everywhere.

The express will run on the route Nur-Sultan (Nurly Zhol) - Burabay resort and back.

Often in winter, there are problems with passenger transport and in such situations, this express will allow you to easily and budget get to the Burabay resort.

Departure from Nur-Sultan (Nurly Zhol) daily at 6.13

Arrive at the station Burabay resort at 09.47. Then goes to Kokshetau.

The first passengers were tour operators and bloggers. An info tour was held for them.

The ticket for the new year's express is already available for everyone who wishes.