2020 turned out to be an unusual and significant year for everyone. Long-term quarantine, closure of air services, borders, and cities have become inevitable. Summer holidays and travel have become special and rare events. Many tourist countries and locations were closed.

But "difficult" year 2020 contributed to the development of domestic tourism. Many Kazakhstan people have visited and learned that there are amazing, inspiring, picturesque places on the territory of our country, about the tourist locations of our country. We visited different beautiful parts of Kazakhstan.⠀

Our company in 2020, despite all the nuances of the outgoing year, has done the following work:

✅ New resort "AQBURA" opened

✅ Construction completed and opened the observation tower, the maze in the new resort⠀

✅ Small architectural forms built in the "AQBURA" resort

✅ Reconstruction of the zoo corner, walking garden

✅ Landscaped the glade of Abylay Khan: laid new pedestrian paths and put new fences

✅The installation "Batyrs" built⠀

✅ Construction completed and prepared for the opening of the "Multimedia interactive complex" in the glade of Abylay Khan

✅ Built an observation deck on the glade of Abylay Khan⠀

✅ Opened the Ferris Wheel attraction 🎡⠀

✅ Launched the project "New year's express to Santa" 🎅🏼⠀

This is a small part of what our company has accomplished. We continue to work on the development of tourism and the improvement of service in the Burabay resort. More extensive work is planned for next year. We have big goals and tasks ahead of us. If you have interesting proposals for the development of tourism in the resort of Burabay, offer your ideas. We believe that this year will end on positive notes for each of us.

We wish you a Happy New Year! See you in the new year, 2021!⠀