The famous strongman, virtuoso dombrist, dexterous rider, singer, akin and fighter Baluan Sholak (Nurmagambet Baymurzin) was a favorite of the people of Sary-Arka. Even during his lifetime, legends were composed about Baluan Sholak. Baluan Sholak stole Nastasia from Astafov's house, demanding the release of his friends from arrest. Baluan Sholak takes Nastasia to the mountains, hides her at Ainakol Lake (Borovoe) in the coastal rocks of Kokshe. In an unexpected fight with a bear, Baluan Sholak is wounded. Nastasia was leaving the wounded Baluan Sholak. Baluan Sholak sings to the girl about love, about freedom, about happiness. They feel good together. The girl and the batyr were not happy when they received letters of commitment from the ataman, in which he procured for Baluan Sholak everything he demanded. Nastasia returns to her family, Baluan Sholak to her native auyl. Astafov decides to immediately send his daughter to the city to her relatives. Nastasia writes a letter to Baluan Sholak, but Nastasia's brother Yevgraf intercepts it. Yevgraf offers to take the opportunity to send a letter from Nastasia to Batyr, make an appointment, lure and kill Baluan Sholak. Astafov agrees. The insidious move was a success. Nastasia makes a date with her beloved, writes in a letter about her intention to leave her home forever, which has become a promise and leave with Baluan Sholak. Baluan Sholak goes to the meeting place with Nastasia. To the rock on which they once spent the beginning of time. Baluan Sholak sees the girl in the agreed place, rejoices, climbs up. Lovers rush into each other's arms. At this very moment, the dry click of a shot is heard. Nastasia feels moisture on her cheek, passes her hand and sees blood. "I think I was wounded," Baluan Sholak tells her. Nastasia takes an involuntary step. Immediately behind her, Astafov's and Yevgraf's mercenaries rise up from behind the stones with weapons in their hands. The girl is amazed. Nastasia understands the situation and with a cry -Baluan, we were deceived - throws herself off the cliff into the lake. - Nastya! Baluan Sholak rushes to the edge of the cliff. The mercenaries shoot Baluan Sholak in the back with a revolver. Baluan Sholak falls to his knees, crawls to the edge, throws himself down into the lake.

> Nastasia dies, and Baluan Sholak is pulled out of the lake in unconsciousness. Baluan's mighty organism overcame death. Only now he was different, other songs were falling from his lips, sadness froze in his eyes. Legends remain in memory of the tragic events that took place in Burabai. The rendezvous place of two lovers is called Nastasya's hill, the cave where Baluan Sholak hid the stolen Nastasya is called the "cave of love". The name of Baluan Sholak has gone down in history. The masterpiece of Kazakh songwriting was his song "Galiya" - the farewell smile of his last love in his declining years. Nastasya hill is located 250 meters from the glade of Abylai Khan in the direction of the observation deck "Shell". Moving along the bike path that runs along the highway, from the glade of Abylai Khan towards the observation deck "Shell", you can navigate by the signs.