"Into the depths of history"

Historical and thematic walking tour. A four-hour walk through the forest and along the lake Burabay. This tour is connected with the name of the last Khan Kenesary Kasymov, the grandson of the great Abylay Khan, born in the Burabay tract. He led the national liberation movement, which lasted for 10 years for independence from the Russian Empire.

The length of 10 km.

Kenesary Khan was born in 1802 in the Burabay tract, from childhood he learned horse riding and marksmanship. Kenesary was passionately fond of hunting the wild animals that used to inhabit the tract Burabay. Often with his team, after a successful hunt, he stopped for the night at the foot of the hill, on the top of which there is a cave. Therefore, this cave is called "Cave of Kenesary" - "Kenesary’s Cave". The cave is located on the southern shore of Lake Burabay (Auliekol), 6 km away. from the sanatorium Okzhetpes in the middle of a small rocky hill. The stone steps are easy to walk to the entrance to the cave. The area of the cave is no less than that of an eight-bed yurt. From above, as in a yurt, there is a shanyrak (roof). In front of the cave is a large area, from where you can clearly see the panorama of the lake.